How To Be The Woman He Wants

Published August 15, 2022 tag category
How To Be The Woman He Wants

Premature Ejaculation and Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual arousal disorder is a persistent or recurring inability to obtain adequate lubrication or inability to experience physiological changes associated with arousal, including swelling of the genital tissue, increase clitoral or labia sensation or increased nipple sensitivity Inability to lubricate can make sex painful as well as trigger anxiety in a woman. Inability to reach orgasm might bring a feeling of inadequacy. One fact that must be known is that in a long time relationship, women generally are less driven to be sexual and less driven by the need to have orgasm. Rather, their satisfaction is more about intimacy, the connection with her partner and other aspects of relationship.

How To Get Your Marriage Through Menopause Using Pelvic Floor Exercises

For the woman, Menopause starts off as mood swings and hot sweats, accompanied by an increase in libido that can, at first, excite her husband – before leaving him rather nonplussed at his own decreasing ability to keep up as a result of his own mid-life health concerns. Pelvic floor exercises can help to improve life for both genders at this difficult time.

How To Find A Genuine Tantra Teacher

If you are looking for individual tantra sessions or tantra for couples instruction, you will already have done some research on available practitioners. There is certainly no dearth of so-called tantra teachers who promise to take your sex life to the orgasmic stratosphere. How do you find the right one for you in the pack?

Herbal Remedies to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

It’s no secret that most of us want to last longer in bed, an idea that society and media advertising frequently place an emphasis on. However, this can leave some people wondering if there is indeed a fault that lies with them, if their sexual stamina might not be what is expected.

Female Libido Enhancers: Do They Really Work?

It is not often that you find women who openly talk about their problems with their sec life. In fact, it has become such a taboo that more and more women fall into the pitfall of having a painful sex life or not having one at all. However, in the event of female libido enhancers, every woman now has the chance to bring back the usual joy in having sexual intercourse and get the best possible effects.

Sexual Positions To Achieve Multiple Orgasms For Women

How to give a woman the best orgasm? How to make her orgasm not just once? You should use this if you really love and want to please her.

How To Make Masturbation Feel Like Fun

Anxiety and guilt about sex often relates to masturbation. Common judgements and old wives tales include warnings that your hand will shrivel up and fall off, or you’ll grow hair on the back of your hand or your hair will fall out.